Buckskin Joe

Buckskin Joe is a community around the Buckskin Joe amusement area near the Royal Gorge.


Interestingly there is another Buckskin Joe near the town of Alma in Park county Colorado. This was the original town which is now a ghost town. one of the buildings of this town was moved to the Buckskin Joe amusement park which formed the new community near the Royal Gorge. 

The Amusement park was originally built in 1957 as a movie set using real old buildings from around central Colorado taking its name from the ghost town. in 1958 the park opened for tourists between movies. The Amusement area was closed and moved in 2010 but the small community is still there.


Some of the films made at Buckskin Joe are:

  • Cat Ballou- 1965
  • True Grit - 1969
  • Barquero - 1970
  • The Cowboys - 1972
  • The Brothers O'Toole - 1973
  • Mr. Majestyk - 1974
  • The Dutchess and the Dirtwater Fox - 1976
  • The White Buffalo - 1977
  • How the West Was Won - 1977
  • Comes a Horseman - 1978
  • True Grit: A Further Adventure - 1978
  • The Sacketts - 1991
  • Conagher - 1991
  • Cannibal! The Musical - 1993
  • Lightning Jack - 1994
  • Cactus Creek - 2010


GPS: 38.476 by -105.327

Elevation: 6299 ft.

12/01/11 Article on Bill Koch's land swap deal proposal for where he relocated the park

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