Cañon City area Attractions

Dinosaur Depot Museum

Our world class museum featuring fossiles from Garden Park and other local areas. Give yourself 3-4 hours to see the museum, or more if you like talking to the real Paleontologists working in the lab. The museum contains the worlds most complete stegosaurus skeleton in its lab which was found just north of town in 1992. The stegosaur that sits in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. was found here in 1886. The stegosaur sitting in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science as found here in 1937.

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

One of the Highest suspension bridges in the world (over 1000 ft above the Arkansas River) as well as a great amusement center with an aerial tram, incline railway, sky coaster, and much more. Owned by the city of Cañon City, the bridge is over 1200 ft across, the support towers are 150ft high.

The tram has a span of 2200 ft and a height of 1178 ft. It can hold 35 passengers and is the longest single spam tram in the world.

the incline railway is the steepest in the world at 45 degrees and descends1550 ft to the cañon floor.

The sky coaster can take 3 riders at a time over the edge of the gorge at speeds of 50 mph.

The park is over 300 acres in size and provides many trails both inside and outside the fee boundries.

Rafting Some of the best white water rafting in the world. We have it all, from mild to out of this world class V rapids! There are many companies that provide trips of various lengths and for those of various abilities. There are a great many rafting companies in the area, please choose carefully and use the recommendation of friends or the local chamber of commerce.
Royal Gorge Route Railroad

A great 24 mile ride up through the cañon and back. Consistantly rated one of Colorado's best tourist trains. Has some amazing views of the cañon as well as the bridge and park. Great food on the train in all classes. Wildlife is often visible along the route as well as the rafters going down the Arkansas river.

There are 6 classes of service on the train from the simple to the extravagant so be sure to check with the ticketing office to see which fits your budget and tastes. Additionally, there are limited seats avaiable to ride in the locomotive with the engineer and see how the operation works, watch them work the controls and have a great view of the tracks ahead.


Museum of Colorado Prisons

Great museum located at the doorsteps of the maximum security prison in what used to be the women's prison. This museum allows visitors to see how prisons were one run as well as what life in the prison was like.

The women's prison was operational from 1935 to 1968. Each of the cells in the building have been turned into exhibits housing artifacts and stories. In the yard of the museum sits the gas chamber that was used to execute prisoners. There is a gift shop as well.

Fremont Center for the Arts

Art museum showing paintings, scupltures, music, photography, poetry, drawing, sewing, crafting, and whatever you can imagine. Formed in 1948 to provide an avenue for all Fremont County residents to enjoy art. The building was built in 1933 for the U.S. Post Office. After the new Post Office was built in 1989, the building was purchased by the county and arranged for the FCA to lease the building.

505 Macon Ave


Holy Cross Abbey

The old Abbey build in 1924, now a conference center and winery.

The winery at the Holy Cross Abbey was opened in 2002 and has a wonderful selection of wines. Gifts and tastings are available in the cottage on the Abbey grounds.

CBS Denver has a great video on the winery

Skyline Drive

A drive along the hogback ridge on the west side of the city. There are dinosaur tracks visible along the roadway. It ws constructed by proson labor. The archway at the beginning of the drive contains rocks from all 50 states. Takes 10 minutes to drive but stopping for the views and to see the tracks may make the drive more like 30-60 minutes.

Skyline drive is a one-way road that starts on hwy 50 just west of town and returns you back into town after passing across the ridge. It is a short 3 miles and runs about 800 ft above the city providing amazing views of the city and mountains. Please watch for people walking the road and the driver should keep his eyes on the road at all times. Stop at the pullouts or, if there is no traffic, just stop for a second in the road for the driver to enjoy the vistas. The road was built in 1903 by labor from the prison at the base of the hog-back (The Colorado Territorial Prision). It was paved in 1930. 

Historic Downtown Great shopping, dining, entertainment and history. The downtown disctrict is just one block north of the highway and very much worth the detour.
WKRP - Whitewater Kayak River Park A great place to kayak and play in the river. This area was recently added to the river area and is continuing to grow.
Royagl Gorge Regional Museum and History Center  612 Royal Gorge Blvd. Has exhibits and research materials of local history.There is the Amick art exhibit, the Dall DeWeese natual history exhibit, military pieces from the Civil war to present, photo exhibits, and a large phonograph exhibit.
Shadow Hills Golf Course  Located on the cities south side this is a par 70 18 hole course with clubhouse and restaurant.
4 Mile Golf Course  Located on the eastern edge of town just north of hwy 50, this is the newest course in the area. A par 72, 18 hole course in the Four Mile community.
Red Canyon Park Just north of town, past Garden Park is the Red Canyon Park. Several towering red rocks are in the park. The road follows the route Zebulon Pike took in 1806.
  More to come soon

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