Cañon City News

Here are selected news items from around the Cañon City area. If you have an aricle you would like to contribute, please contact us and we will happily review and possibly publish it for you.


01/08/12 Hospital teaching about life with chronic illness

01/07/12 seven juveniles arrested

01/07/12 School budgets facing more cuts

01/06/12 First Friday tonight

01/05/12 City discuses over-the-river

01/04/12 New Council take seats

01/04/12 Cañon PD Captian attends FBI training

12/23/11 See the Gingerbread village

12/23/11 Local store highlights artists

12/22/11 DiNardos celebrate 70 years in business

12/21/11 Boys and Girls club gets donation

12/19/11 Carolers downtown

12/19/11 Arsonist arrested

12/17/11 Transportation program to continue

12/16/11 Royal Gorge to add Zipline

12/16/11 Cotter decided to not renew its license

12/15/11 Food Drive for Loaves and Fishes

12/15/11 Papa Johns returns to town

12/13/11 Riverwalk needs access

12/12/11 City name added to ship commission records

12/12/11 New Park Opens

12/09/11 Bus service available for Boys and Girls Club

12/08/11 Fremont Civic Theare holds "The Christmas Spirit" show

12/08/11 YMCA to hold craft fair

12/08/11 CDOT proposes new roundabout

12/07/11 Local author to have book signing

12/07/11 Infant / Child loss support group to hold ceremony

12/05/11 Parade of Lights makes memories

12/02/11 CDOT to hold open house on traffic

12/02/11 Parade of Lights this weekend

12/01/11 Armed robbery at local business

11/29/11 Board of Education get good news on bonds

11/28/11 Small Business Saturday catching on

11/28/11 Historic houses on tour for Holidays

11/24/11 Governor appoints several locals to committees

11/23/11 Holiday wrapping to be offered

11/22/11 Local realtor lists great reasons for Seniors to live in Cañon City

11/22/11 Winery celebrates 10 years of Wild Canon Harvest Blend

11/21/11 Community still serves dinner

11/21/11 Ryan Ford and Dakota Cupp complete Eagle Scout requirement

11/19/11 Stores getting ready for the holidays

11/18/11 recycled art show

11/18/11 Saint Thomas More receives grant

11/17/11 New Vererinarian happy here

11/10/11 Kitchen Pantry off to a good start.

11/09/11 Cotter considers future.

11/04/11 New wells proposed to monitor Lincoln Park.

11/03/11 No major leaks found at Cotter.

11/02/11 New City Council.

11/02/11 New School Board.

11/01/11 Electronics Recycling available at CCHS.

10/31/11 Historical acuracy.

11/01/11 Michael's on Main art.

10/30/11 Colorado Women's Prison has new purpose.

10/29/11 Prison Documentary planned in May.

10/27/11 Prisons with lots of computers.

10/27/11 Cotter plans to reopen.

10/26/11 Cricket Store opens.

10/26/11 Colorado Hardwood store opens.

10/26/11 Boys and Girls Club raising funds.

10/25/11 Cotter legacy affects other mills.

10/24/11 Cañon Rose Acoustic Societs Info.

10/24/11 Santa Express on track again this year.

10/23/11 Cotter's relationship with regulators.

10/18/11 Don Bendall nominated for Pulitzer Prize.

10/15/11 Home invasions in Canon City may be linked.

10/13/11 Cañon City Chamber of Commerce holds monthly meeting at the Big Horn Lodge at the Royal Gorge Bridge.

08/10/11 Cotter Corp struggling to access pond.

06/28/11 Cotter approved to dump waste into pond.